DDEV Drupal Site Installation

Drupal DDEV


This article will demonstrate how to install Drupal 9 in the DDEV environment.

Follow these steps

a. Open terminal

b. Create a folder in your DDEV web directory.

mkdir newweb

c. Change directory to the web folder.

cd newweb

d. Apply DDEV and create web folder.

ddev config --project-type=drupal9 --docroot=web --create-docroot

e. Start DDEV engine.

ddev start

f. Composer download Drupal project directory.

ddev composer create "drupal/recommended-project" --no-install

g. Download Drush command line project.

ddev composer require drush/drush --no-install

h. Download and Install Composer required project files. 

ddev composer install

i. Install Drupal site install.

ddev drush site:install -y

j. Change root username and password.

ddev drush uli

k. Launch Drupal site.

ddev launch


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